Investment provides high-speed internet to rural Arizona communities

Bipartisan infrastructure law aimed to help out rural Arizonans, businesses, and farms

(KYMA, KECY) – Over $28.4 million will be invested in high-speed internet for rural Arizona communities, businesses, and farms.

The $28,485,976 investment is from the bipartisan infrastructure law led by Senator Kyrsten Sinema and shaped by Senator Mark Kelly. 

This funding will help benefit two broadband projects with a $3.5 million grant going to Coconino County and a $25 million grant going to La Paz County.

The investment in Coconino County will deploy a fiber-to-the-premises network to provide high-speed affordable internet through the Federal Communications Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program, said Senator Kelly.

And the investment in La Paz County will also get high-speed affordable internet that will benefit nearly 2,000 people, 41 businesses, three farms, and four educational facilities in the County.

Senator Mark Kelly said this is a tremendous investment in Arizona’s second least populous county which has approximately 16,500 residents.

The bipartisan infrastructure law invests over $14 billion to make the internet more affordable and requires internet providers to offer a low-cost option to participate in federal broadband deployment funding, said Senator Kelly.

The Federal Communications Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program provides eligible families $30 a month for their internet bills and $75 a month for internet service in tribal areas.

“With so many important aspects of our lives from education to telehealth and small business services online, it’s essential that all Arizonans have affordable access to the fast and reliable internet they need to thrive, said Senator Kelly. “Our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is making that a reality by bringing broadband to every corner of our state.” 

“While negotiating the bipartisan infrastructure law, I secured historic investments for broadband deployment – connecting all Arizonans with high-speed internet no matter where they live. I’m proud that my infrastructure law brings broadband to rural and underserved parts of our state,” said Sinema, lead author and negotiator of the bipartisan infrastructure law. 

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