‘Food hall’ for eateries eyed for downtown

The City of Chandler is selling a valuable downtown location that it hopes will end up being one of the first “food halls” in Arizona, if not the first.The developer said a food hall is not a food court, but will have some similarities. Once built, the two-story structure  would house between six and 12 different restaurants. The building would be open-air on two sides.

The property the city is selling is .36 acres at the southwest corner of Chicago and Oregon streets for $200,000 to JEMBJACD, LLC, the proposed developer. The sides that are open would face Chicago and Oregon while the two closed sides would face residential areas to the south and west.So what is a food hall and how is it different from a food court?“It’s not what you’d see in a typical mall,” said Kim Moyers, the city’s cultural development director. “It is going to be six to 12 different restaurants, but they’ll be very unique and local” and “would be more appropriate for the downtown.”One person involved in the project is Jackson Armstrong, one of the owners of the Ginger Monkey Gastropub.“Trying to describe, until you’ve been to one of these, is hard to describe,” said Jeremy McClymonds, who appeared before Council representing the developer. “We are not a mall food court serving common food. “We provide a diverse restaurants serving common food uncommonly well. We are not a sports bar, but we are a gathering spot. We’ll have wall-to-wall television, broadcasting every sport, every day. “We’re not a club, but we will offer live music and entertainment multiple days per week. We’re not a conference center, but we have a stellar venue with event space to host your next business meeting, birthday, wedding, Bar Mitzvah, community activity, etc. That’s kind of how I tried to describe what we’re trying to emulate.”Moyers said the open-air sides of the building will have doors that can close when the weather gets too hot. The developer would not have to add parking spaces, instead utilizing the city-owned parking gara …

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