Arizona Solar Incentives, Tax Credits, Rebates and Solar Panel Cost Guide

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Arizona’s sunny weather makes solar power a smart move for the state’s residents. The Grand Canyon State has become one of the foremost states for solar since its Renewable Energy Standard was instituted alongside a solar sales tax exemption in the early 2000s. With those incentives in place, homeowners were able to invest in solar energy at lower rates and with less hassle. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, “prices have fallen 4% over the last five years.”
The Arizona Corporation Commission approved the renewable energy standard and tariff in 2006. The goal is to ensure that regulated electric utilities generate 15% of their energy from renewable resources by 2025.

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Arizona Solar Panel Costs

Save on Energy says that homeowners in Arizona pay $3 to $5 per watt for a residential solar energy unit. An average five-kilowatt system is typically between $15,000 and $25,000. But, there are contributing factors that determine the cost of solar panel installation.
Factors that affect solar panel pricing:

Cost …

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