Arizona to get $1B for state highways, bridges, EV network

Independent Newsmedia

Arizona will receive more than $1 billion to help build roads, bridges and an electric vehicle network through the bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Reps. Ruben Gallago and Greg Stanton announced the haul on Monday as the state learned it hard received money in three different areas.

The bulk of it, $1 billion, is from Federal-Aid Highway Appointments that includes programs like the National Highway Performance Program, the Highway Safety Improvement Program, the highway frieght program and new climate mitigation and resllience programs.

Another $45 million will come from a new bridge formula to repair and replace bridges across the state.

And $16 million will come from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program, which will help in rolling out a network of EV chargers across the state.

“Investing in Arizona’s highways and infrastructure is good for growing our economy, increasing tourism, and connecting families across the state,” Gallego said in a press release.

“Our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law was a long overdue investment in the highways and bridges Arizonans rely on every day—and the electric vehicle network that will power our state’s future,” Stanton said in a press release.

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