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Javier Palomarez

Arizonans cherish their economic freedom and independence, particularly the ability to create better lives for themselves and their families. Within this dynamic landscape, Arizona’s Hispanic community stands out as a driving force behind the state’s economic strength and competitiveness.At the United States Hispanic Business Council, we are dedicated to empowering Hispanic-owned businesses by advocating for people and policies that support the American Small Business Community’s advancement. Hispanics contribute significantly to small business growth, creating new ventures at a rate of 3 to 1 when compared to the general market. By fostering a friendly environment for all small businesses, we inherently uplift Hispanic entrepreneurs.Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, I-Ariz., is a proud partner in fueling economic growth and advancing policies that support small businesses in Arizona and beyond. As a native Arizonan, she deeply understands the challenges and opportunities facing small businesses in her state. Having experienced hardships during her upbringing, Sinema’s American Dream was realized through hard work and determination.

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Her experiences drive her advocacy for families, businesses, and communities striving for opportunities like she once did. She represents the changing face of American politics and has been a strong, courageous advocate for a wide array of issues, while prioritizing our nation’s economic needs.Sinema has been an advocate for many issues while prioritizing the nation’s economic needs. Notably, she championed the Restaurants Act and Save Our Stages Act, bipartisan laws that provided vital support to Arizona businesses in the restaurant and entertainment industries during the COVID-19 pandemic.The Restaurants Act offered a rescue plan for local, independent restaurants, covering costs such as payroll, benefits, food, utilities and rent. The Save Our Stages Act provided small business grants for local entertainment and music venues, preserving jobs and supporting communities.In both cases, Sinema sought out employers in the most impacted industries and fought for their needs because she understands that these types of businesses support good-paying jobs, fuel local economies and build a sense of community.On a larger scale, Sinema has played a pivotal role in significant negotiations with the White House and Congressional leaders from both parties. Notably, she led negotiations for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the largest infrastructure investment in American history. This historic legislation allocates funds to critical areas like cleaner water, improved roads and bridges, and expansive broadband infrastructure, all essential for businesses’ growth and prosperity. The USHBC was delighted to offer our full-throated support for this generational investment in America’s future, as seen in my November 2021 editorial featured in RealClearPolitics.Additionally, during debt ceiling negotiations, Sinema secured permitting reforms to support our nation’s energy infrastructure and manufacturing future. Her unwavering commitment to the energy sector has ensured the stability and growth of cornerstone industries such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and hospitality, benefiting millions of Americans.These accomplishments are a few examples of the many wins Sinema has delivered for American businesses, families, and communities across Arizona and the country. Her advocacy for empowering Hispanic-owned businesses has been instrumental in creating opportunities for all Americans to thrive and contribute to federal policymaking.As our nation faces a crucial crossroads amid divisive politics, we need honest and courageous leaders like Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to bring us together and restore our nation’s unity and prosperity. The USHBC firmly believes in her leadership and eagerly anticipates her future contributions to our nation’s well-being.
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Javier Palomarez is the president & CEO of the United States Hispanic Business Council. The son of Mexican immigrants, Palomarez was raised in South Texas as a migrant farm worker.

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