Which groceries have risen most in price, as food inflation remains in double-digits?

UK food inflation has been slowing down month-on-month, but it still remains stubbornly high with shoppers yet to feel a substantial difference.British Retail Consortium (BRC) data suggests it dropped to 11.5% in August from 13.1% in July and 17.4% in June, suggesting there is some light at the end of the tunnel.While consumer price index (CPI) inflation sits at 6.8% – far higher than the Bank of England’s 2% target, chancellor Jeremy Hunt has said Britons could expect it to fall to around 5% after a “blip” in September.This may all sound encouraging, but falling inflation doesn’t mean that prices are falling yet, it just means they aren’t increasing at such a fast rate.Furthermore, with annual growth in average total pay only reaching 8.2% from April to June, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), shoppers are still being hit especially hard at supermarkets.Here, Yahoo News UK takes a look at which staple groceries are still remaining stubbornly high and which supermarkets are proving the priciest.Which UK groceries have gone up the most?Light o …

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