Time off? How inflation and layoffs are threatening workers’ vacation time

Summer vacation is a sacred time for most Americans.So why is it in peril? A new study from ELVTR, an online learning platform based in Irvine, California, revealed that 55% of workers are either taking less time off or canceling vacation plans altogether due in part to recent layoffs.“I think a lot of people are worrying [about losing] their jobs because there’s a reason to actually worry about losing their jobs,” said Roman Peskin, co-founder of ELVTR. “I don’t think that most Americans are in a situation [where] they are positioned to take risks.”In May, ELVTR surveyed 2,300 workers over 18 years old (1,800 from the US and 500 from Canada, according to the study.) The study found that due to understaffing caused by recent layoffs, 37% of US workers are taking less time off and 20% will be missing out on vacation altogether.Sacred time? Thirty-seven percent of US workers are taking less time off and 20 percent will be missing out on vacation altogether.Julia Pollak, chief economist at ZipRecruiter, who was not …

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