Inflation Reduction Act: What is the outlook of Biden’s bill after its first year?

It’s been one year since President Biden passed his administration’s Inflation Reduction Act. The bill’s original objectives were to create 9 million U.S. jobs and reduce carbon emissions by over 40 percent by 2030. Experts continue to ponder whether the act’s goals are feasible and how much it will benefit the U.S. economy.The Inflation Reduction Act’s 10-year plan is “about expectations that, yes, you are going to get tax credit subsidies if you go in the right direction,” Columbia Business School Climate Economist Gernot Wagner tells Yahoo Finance, later stating: “You’re only at the beginning and it’s at the beginning of the global clean energy race.Wagner comments on trends in wide-scale adoption of EVs and other clean energy technology to match interests in sustainable lifestyles. …

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