Hundreds of thousands of Arizona families will get tax money back. Here’s when

An estimated 743,000 Arizona taxpayers are expected to benefit from a rebate won by the Arizona Freedom Caucus during budget negotiations in 2023.

Almost three-quarters of a million Arizona families will soon see more money in their pockets thanks to a tax rebate plan that Republican lawmakers inked into the current state budget.The Arizona Families Tax Rebate was a demand of the ultraconservative group of lawmakers known as the Arizona Freedom Caucus during the annual budget negotiation process earlier this year at the state Capitol.They got what they wanted, and that means you might soon get a little financial help.An estimated 743,000 Arizona taxpayers are expected to benefit, according to the Arizona Department of Revenue.Here’s who gets the rebate, how much it will be, and when you can look for it in your bank account or mailbox.Who qualifies?The rebate is available to year-round residents who claimed Arizona’s existing tax credit for dependents in 2021 on their tax returns (which were due in 2022), and owed at least $1 in taxes during 2019, 2020, or 2021.How much is the rebate?Qualifying taxpayers will get the rebate for up to three dependents. For dependents under 17, the rebate is $250 per child. For dependents who are 17 and older, the re …

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