Consider Arizona Metals Ahead Of Expected Gold/Copper Recovery

Arizona Metals has sufficient cash resources to continue funding its operations in Arizona’s highly productive mining district. Read why AZMCF stock is a Buy.

OseloteA Buy Rating for Arizona Metals Corp. To take advantage of the opportunities offered by the markets where precious metals such as gold and silver, as well as base metals such as copper are traded, retail investors should consider shares of Canadian mineral exploration company Arizona Metals Corp. (OTCQX:AZMCF). The retail investor can of course invest directly in the commodity, but since he usually does not have the resources available to an institutional investor, US-listed stocks such as Arizona Metals Corp. are the easiest and most cost-effective way to participate in the metals markets. This analysis suggests a Buy rating as this stock could be used to benefit from the gains analysts are forecasting for both precious metals and copper. This stock is not already a gold and copper producer, but rather an exploration company in Arizona where the team is trying to lay the groundwork for future production. Despite the lack of production, the shares appear to correlate well with the growth prospects of the commodities, given the highly prolific profile of Arizona’s mining district, coupled with the company’s encouraging exploration results in a largely undeveloped resource basin. This stock appears to have the potential to rise sharply as more drilling results come in and a recovery in commodity prices is expected. In fact, analysts at Trading Economics predict that copper, whose price per pound was $3.65 at the time of writing, will trade at $3.74 per pound before the end of the current quarter and then rise to $3.98 within a year. Analysts also forecast gold to trade at $1,947.51/oz before the end of this quarter and even higher at $2,016.05/oz in 12 months, while the ounce is currently at $1,924. How Long It Might Take to Build Mines in Arizona It could take many years for Arizona Metals Corp.’s two mining projects, the Kay Mine Project in Yavapai County and the Sugarloaf Peak Gold Project in La Paz County, both in Arizo …

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